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Pastor’s Blog February 7, 2017 – Does God Like Me?

Does God like me, may seem like a strange question for anyone who is familiar with scripture. Every child in Sunday school knows that one of the basics of Christianity is that God loves them, but that wasn’t my question. The question does God like me, is another thing – it moves us away from the high notion that God must love me, because God is love, and that’s what He does – and moves me into an area that is more personal and a bit awkward feeling – because it implies the added questions, is God happy with me and does He enjoy me?

Because the average Christian is uncomfortable with the questions, is God happy with me and does he enjoy me, they become a target for one of Satan’s most effective lies, your unworthiness and lack of moral perfection disqualify you from God doing good things for you – you must work for that, and earn His favor, then perhaps you may expect something good from Him.

If we believe this lie it will kill faith because it will cause our hope to be based upon our own moral performance rather than His choice to give us righteousness, blessing, and favor, through Christ.

One of the most liberating things followers of Christ can embrace is that they already have His favor and blessing because of Christ and not themselves.  When they go to Him in prayer they are not trying to convince Him to favor and bless them, they pray knowing that because of the blood of Jesus He likes them, loves them, accepts them, and is happy with them, and therefore is poised to favor all those who are the objects of His affection.

That does not mean that we can give ourselves to sin and call ourselves blessed and expect His blessing as we can flaunt our rebellion before Him.  It does mean that for those that do love God and want to live a life honoring to Him, yet are very aware of how imperfect and sinful they still are, fear not – the righteousness of Christ covers you and God is your friend[Read More]