This course will provide a basic understanding of the last days prophetic time-line revealed in the Bible.  Its purpose is to give the believer hope as they see God’s master plan unfolding before their eyes.

Re 1:3 Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

Da 12:12 Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.



Last Days prophecy centers around the tiny nation of Israel.

Lesson 1: How Long?

  • People are asking how long?
  • 5th Dimension and the Age of Aquarius
  • The Woke are asleep
  • Two voices hang in the air which one do you hear?

Lesson 2: A Jewish Conversation

  • Jesus tells us in Matthew 24 that certain signs would tell us the end was approaching
  • Matthew 24 is a Jewish Conversation
  • Daniel and 490 years
  • We must see “Last Days Prophecy” from the streets of Jerusalem, not America

Lesson 3: The Land

  • God made covenant promises to Abraham, one of them was the land called Israel
  • Isn’t it strange how hated the Jews have been? How do we explain that?
  • If Satan can expel the Jews from the land, Bible prophecy can not be fulfilled
  • The conflict over the land of Israel is not about land, it is about Satan trying to stop what God has promised and what is coming in the Last Days

Lesson 4: False Peace

  • Many have tried but failed to bring peace in the Middle East
  • Watch for a major news event announcing peace in the Middle East and an agreement bringing Israel and the Palestinians together
  • The agreement will include the building of the third Jewish Temple
  • Great celebrations will come, but peace will not last

Lesson 5: The Temple

  • The Jewish Temple was destroyed in 70 AD
  • The Muslim Dome of the Rock was built in its place on the Temple Mount in the sixth century
  • Watch for the Red Heifer and the rebuilding of the Temple

Lesson 6: Return Of The Tribes Of Israel 

  • Over the centuries the tribes of Israel have been scattered all over the earth
  • A Last Days sign is God calling the tribes of Israel to come home to the land
  • Just as God prophesied in Isa 11 millions of Jews are now returning to Israel
  • Why is God bringing them home?

Lesson 6: Resources

Lesson 7: Israel’s Friends Will Turn On Her

  • America has been Israel’s friend for a long time
  • The Middle East is filled with those that hate Israel
  • A time is coming where God will eventually cause all of Israel’s friends to turn their back
  • Seems cruel, but God has a wonderful purpose, to bring wayward Israel to her knees so she will recognize Messiah and be restored to the One who has loved her all these years.